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As Douk design and build every aspect of our ski/snowboards in our small factory in the Midlands UK, we have 100% control over every board/ski we make, meaning we are able to offer you the option to fully customise your own ride. Not only can you customise the graphics of your board, you can also customise flex, profile and even shape. Why not use our Custom snowboard creator to make your very own board.

If you are wanting or order more than one board, or after some OEM boards then get in contact with us at so we can discuss options and pricing for you.

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Build Your Own

1 Day Course

The one day build your own experience is a shortened version of our full 2 day course, with some prepwork being done by our experienced staff before your arrival. You will work with us to build your dream Skis or Snowboard complete with custom graphics. Book now.

2 Day Course

The two day build your own experience is a full course in building skis/snowboards, starting with a plank of wood and finishing the second day with a custom Ski/Snowboard built with your own hands. You will work with us to build your dream Skis or Snowboard complete with custom graphics. Find out more.

Come visit us

Factory Tour

The tour starts with an introduction to Douk and fellow tour vistors, followed by a brief trip around the workshop. Then we will go through the process in chronological order in detail getting hands on with the materials used and examples of the board at various stages. After each stage of the process is explained we will answer any questions along the way.

Once the whole process has been explained we will again answer any questions about the process. Then its home time But before you leave you will be given a discount code to use on any merch. Visit us.

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