2 Day Build Your Own Experience

A Full 2 day course in building your own custom Skis or Snowboard


£875.00 – £975.00 per person


5h  –  7h

About this experience

The Course

The two day build your own experience is a full course in building skis/snowboards, starting with a plank of wood and finishing the second day with a custom Ski/Snowboard built with your own hands. You will work with us to build your dream Skis or Snowboard complete with custom graphics. 

Before you arrive:

The course begins before you arrive at our workshop, as we will need to work with you to design the graphics for your board or skis. We can help you create your graphics or if you have the software and skills to have a go yourself then we can work with your design to prep and print ready for your course. (There are options if you would like extra help with your graphics).

Once we have the graphics for your board/skis finalised we need to work out a rough size that you would like so we can print the graphcis at the appropriate size so they can be ready for your course date.

On Day one:

When you arrive for the course you will be greeted by your host and shown around the workshop, we will asess the prepwork that has been done and the processes that have taken place. Then its time to get started. We start by selected our core blank and template before we begin routing the sidewall, mixing the resin for the sidewall that we leave over night. We then shape the base sheet, apply the metal edge and glue into place before lunch. Post lunch we check on the work we have done previously before selecting our lay up and mould profile. Followed by learnign about the various fibres used, cutting them to size. We then discuss the plan for the next day.

On Day Two:

Day two begins with a check up on the previous days work ahead of the core finishing processes (Thicknessing and Tapering) following this we will begin to asseble all the parts needed, before mixing the glue and getting hands on stacking eveything together and pressing. The board/skis then bakes in the press for about an hour whilst we break for lunch. Later on after lunch we take out the fully combined board or skis and start to cut and grind the excess materials, then using drills, sanders and other hand tools we will finish to a high level. Finally we tune and wax, grab some photos and package your new ride ready for you take home.

Your Host

Host image

Lewey will be your host for the course, he began as an apprentice for Douk before learning the ropes and taking over the company at the start of 2020. He is predominately a snowboarder and his favourite board is the Slick as he prefers relaxed and creative style of riding.