Tips for Caring for Your Sintered Base Snowboard

Tips for Caring for Your Sintered Base Snowboard

So you've invested in a snowboard with a sintered base, and you want to keep it in top shape. Here are some tips for maintaining your sintered base and getting the best performance out of your board.

Caring for your sintered base is an important part of maintaining your snowboard's performance and longevity. At Douk, we use sintered bases in all our boards, including women's and kids' boards, because we believe in offering the highest quality and performance to all riders. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, taking good care of your sintered base is key to getting the most out of your ride.

Understand the Benefits of a Sintered Base

Sintered bases are known for their superior quality and performance. They are more expensive to manufacture than extruded bases due to the production process. While sintered bases require more waxing to maintain their performance, they offer better durability, resistance to impacts and damage, and hold wax better than extruded bases. In fact, sintered bases get better with time as they act like pores of the skin, expanding when warmed to hold in more wax. Over time and with more use, the wax build-up in the pores of the plastic will enhance the performance of the base.

Know When to Wax

As mentioned earlier, sintered bases require more waxing to maintain their performance. How often you wax your board will depend on how often you ride and the conditions you ride in. Generally, it's a good idea to wax your board every few days to begin with, which can extend to once a week once the wax starts building up. If you notice that your board is becoming slower and less responsive, it's time to wax it. You can also test your board's wax absorption by running your fingernail along the base. If it leaves a white line, it's time to wax.

Wax Properly

When it's time to wax your board, make sure you do it properly. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Clean the base: Use a base cleaner to remove any dirt or debris from the base.
  2. Melt the wax: Use a wax iron to melt the wax onto the base. Make sure the iron is set to the recommended temperature for the wax you're using.
  3. Spread the wax: Use the iron to spread the wax evenly over the base. Work in sections, starting at the tip and working your way down to the tail.
  4. Scrape the wax: Use a plastic scraper to scrape off the excess wax.
  5. Brush the base: Use a base brush to brush the base from tip to tail. This will remove any excess wax and help to smooth out the surface.

 Avoid Base Grinding Too Often

Base grinding can remove the layer of wax that builds up in the pores of the sintered base, decreasing its performance. Therefore, it's best to avoid base grinding too often. If you do need to have your base ground, make sure to apply a thicker layer of hand wax afterwards.

Store Your Board Properly

When you're not using your board, make sure to store it properly. Store it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

By following these tips, you can keep your sintered base snowboard in top shape and get the most out of your investment. Happy riding!

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