The Freighter: The Widest All-Mountain Snowboard for Big Boots

The Freighter: The Widest All-Mountain Snowboard for Big Boots

If you're in search of the widest true twin tip all-mountain snowboard in the world, look no further than the Freighter by Douk Snow. Designed with the needs of riders with larger boot sizes in mind, this super-wide board is built to minimize heel and toe drag, providing an optimal riding experience. In this blog post, we'll dive into the features and benefits of the Freighter, exploring why it has become the best-selling Douk board of the 2022-23 season.

The Widest True Twin Tip:
The Freighter stands out from the crowd with its impressive width, making it the perfect choice for riders with boot sizes 11UK and up. Say goodbye to the discomfort of toe and heel drag as you carve through the snow. With the Freighter, you'll have the freedom to ride with confidence and explore the mountain like never before.

Versatile Performance:
Built for all-mountain versatility, the Freighter features a true twin-centered stance and a hybrid camber profile. This combination offers a forgiving ride in the park while maintaining excellent performance on groomers and in powder. The traditional camber section between the feet provides stability, power, and pop, while the flat sections between the tip/tail and bindings offer forgiveness and playfulness. Whether you're hitting the park or seeking fresh powder, the Freighter delivers a ride that adapts to your style.

Exceptional Construction:
At Douk Snow, we believe in using quality materials sourced locally to our factory. The Freighter is no exception, featuring a pure full-length poplar hardwood core that provides strength, durability, and a lively feel. To enhance the board's performance, a carbon stringer is strategically placed across the binding mounts towards the tip and tails. This carbon stringer adds extra pop and responsiveness, allowing you to take your riding to new heights. Sandwiched between layers of tri-axle fiberglass, the Freighter boasts a solid construction that can handle the demands of all-mountain riding.

Choose Your Size:
The Freighter is available in three sizes: 156, 160, and 164. All sizes feature a waist width of 30, ensuring ample surface area for stability and float in various snow conditions. This wide platform allows riders with bigger boots to fully engage with the board, unlocking their full potential on the mountain.

Filling the Gap in the Market:
Douk Snow is proud to offer the Freighter as a solution for riders with larger boot sizes who often struggle to find a board that accommodates their needs. We strive to fill gaps in the market and provide innovative solutions that enhance the snowboarding experience for all.

If you're tired of compromising your riding experience due to boot size limitations, the Freighter is here to revolutionize your snowboarding adventures. With its remarkable width, versatile performance, and exceptional construction, this board has become a favorite among riders seeking an extraordinary ride. Explore the entire mountain with confidence and pick up a Freighter today!

Remember, the Freighter is not just a snowboard; it's a gateway to endless possibilities on the slopes.

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