At Douk Snow, we're all about delivering top-notch snowboard servicing to ensure your ride performs at its peak. Located at our factory in Wickhamford, nestled between Evesham and Broadway, we are equipped with the expertise and passion to take your snowboard to the next level. 

Choose from our range of professional snowboard servicing options, tailored to meet your specific needs:

Fresh Edge Blitz £20 
Edge sharpening using our power edger
Bevel customization for personalised performance

Base Revival £30
Thorough base cleaning to remove residual wax and dirt
Hot wax application for ultimate glide

Gouge Slayer £40
Belt grind to eliminate stubborn marks and minor scratches
Deep gouge repair
Finer grade belt grind for a flawless finish
Hot wax application for ultimate glide

Precision Performance Package £50
Base cleaning to perfection for optimal speed
Primary and finer grade belt grind to achieve a smooth surface
Hot wax application for ultimate glide
Edge sharpening and bevel customisation for maximum control

Not sure which servicing option to book? We're here to help! Contact our team, and we'll guide you in choosing the perfect snowboard servicing package for your needs. Additionally, we offer the convenience of same-day servicing for an extra £5, or you can opt for our drop-and-go service, where we'll be in contact within 3 working days for collection.

Get your snowboard in top shape and ready to conquer the slopes with Douk Snow's professional servicing. Book your appointment today!

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