Trade In Your Old Board

Get up to £150 for your old stuff!

Wanting to ride the latest season? Whether it's snowboards, skis, wakeboards, or kids' boards you can trade-in your board so you don't have the hassle and stress of selling or storing your old equipment. 

The trade in value will of course depend on how old and the condition of your board. 


How It Works

Get in contact with us via email either at or with the form below. In the email please provide us with the information of your board you would like to trade-in, and include pictures if possible so we can see the condition it is in. We will then give you a rough estimate on the trade-in value, and confirm shipping methods on getting the board to us. Once the board arrives at our factory we will then confirm the trade-in value, and issue a voucher that can be redeemed on our website or via email. In the very unlikely event we are unable to accept your trade we will get in touch via email.

Terms & Conditions

Offer only applies to the purchase of brand new snowboards, skis, wakeboard, or kids board. All products must have originally purchased from Douk Snow UK. Products must be in good condition, we do understand there will be wear and tear and visual imperfections on the board. The value of trade-in is calculated using the season of the board, and the condition it is in at the time.

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