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20 Custom Snowboards | Business Pack

20 Custom Snowboards | Business Pack

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With our 20 custom snowboard pack you are able to have your very own brands graphics on both the base and topsheet of the design. With a 20 custom snowboard pack you are able to order boards in various sizes, and also have different graphics on different boards also. 

What's included? 

  • Choice of 10 shapes or sizes of boards 
  • 10 different topsheet and base graphics combinations
  • 10 different sidewall options to go with the graphics 

You will be able to mix and match from the above, so you can have a range of 20 boards for your needs. If you are looking to have more combinations in graphics and sizes please do get in touch. 

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- Handmade in the United Kingdom
- Free worldwide shipping
- 2 Year Warranty
- Built using entropy resin
- Waxed with Data Wax


Need help chosing your perfect board? We are are here to help. Just get in touch.


Free worldwide shipping!

Please note boards take 2-6 weeks to be made, this may vary depending on time of order.

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