• Lewey

How To Make A Snowboard

Here at Douk Snow we hand produce every board from start to finish, and also offer a Build Your Own course so you can experience it for yourself. The course is designed for you to learn exactly how a board is put together, and understand some of the jargon brands use when describing their products.

The very first step to any board is printing the graphics for the base and topsheet. The design is printed onto to sublimation paper, and then put into a press where the sublimation takes place.The dye molecules that were a solid, held in the sublimation paper, turn directly into a gas and bond with the polymers in the base and topsheet.

One of the most important steps is the core. This is made up of poplar (with occasional ash or walnut stringers for stiffness). 12 planks of the wood are laid out and laminated together, and left to set overnight. They are then cut length ways, to create the core of the board.

A jig is then used to measure a rough shape of the board, before being cut out with a bandsaw, and then fine tuned with a router. We then attach pre-cut side walls with glue which is then placed in a vice and left to set.