• Lewey

9 Steps On How To Wax Your Snowboard

Many people think that waxing is a complicated process and will take their board to a local shop to be waxed. However the process is actually very simple and can be done properly, if not better from home! There may be the odd few pieces you need to purchase in order to wax your board, but in the long run it will be a much cheaper alternative than going to the shop every time you need a wax!

It is recommended that you wax your board every three days of riding. However there are other factors that can affect this such as the conditions you are riding in, how often you ride , etc.

You can tell when your snowboard needs to be waxed by the feel of it. If it starts to slow down, especially on flat sections or if it is starting to look white and dry then it's time to be waxed!

What you need...

  • Snowboard

  • Wax

  • Iron

  • Scraper

  • Structuring brush

  • Cloth

1. Loosen or Remove your bindings

It is important to remove or loosen off your bindings before the iron goes near your base. This is to prevent heat going anywhere near the screws. As heat conducting through the binding screws, could cause permanent damage to your board.

2. Clean your board