LEAN Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship, Level 2

Evesham, Worcestershire 

Email CV's to jobs@douksnow.com with subject line LEAN Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship

Here at Douk Snow predominantly sells skis, snowboards and wakeboards as well as manufacturing bespoke boards for clients and customers. We are looking for an enthusiastic and trustworthy individual to join our team to learn and help with the manufacturing process. 

The job role includes helping us manufacture snowboards throughout the whole process. This includes everything from sublimation to, woodwork all whilst ensuring high-quality craftsmanship throughout. As well as general tasks such as printing, workshop clear up and general admin. 


This role can lead to higher-level apprenticeships once completed, or the chance to progress higher in the company as we grow. 

Tasks included but not limited to:

  • printing 

  • sublimation

  • woodwork

  • workshop cleaning

  • dealing with customer queries 

  • working with resin

Desired qualifications:

English and maths GCSEs graded 3 and above

The location of the role is Evesham, Worcester, where the majority of the apprenticeship will take place. However, you may be required to travel to snowdomes and events with the team across the country for demo days.

Course Details

Core Knowledge & Skills: A Lean Manufacturing Operative will have the following knowledge and understanding of:
•Relevant Health & Safety policies and procedures. 
•Environmental factors and procedures such as ISO regulation.
•Individual Production roles & responsibilities.
•Understand and demonstrate Lean Manufacturing Operation process.
•Demonstrate and understand Quality Control process (e.g ISO 9002).
•Demonstrate and show Problem-Solving abilities with the ability to resolve issues found. 
•Generate ideas and contribute to Continuous Improvement within all aspects of the business. 
•Demonstrate communication skills and share the information effectively via a variety of methods.
•Maintains and always monitors the work site efficiently and effectively. 

Core Behaviours Requirements:
A Lean Manufacturing Operative requires the behaviours that will ensure they are:
•Punctual, reliable and takes responsibility for their own actions.
•Show respect for others, having regard for diversity and equality.
•Respond positively to change in the working environment.
•Integrates within the team and supports others.
•Can work independently and effectively in challenging situations.
•Maintains quality of work under pressure.
•An open and honest communicator.
•Listens to other people’s opinions.
•A positive and respectful attitude.
•Follows instructions and guidance and demonstrates attention to detail.
•Seeks opportunities to develop and adapt to different situations, environments or technologies.

More course details on Worcester Colleges Website 

Email CV's to jobs@douksnow.com with subject line LEAN Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeship