1. Design Template

We have PDFs of a snowboard and ski templates for you to use as a guide when designing so you work out where best to place your design, click on the link or email us at and we will send you one over Ski Design Template Snowboard Templates: Minister Template Asbo/Defiant template Slick/Twisted Template Duke Template

2. Size

When you do create your design make it bigger than the actual desired length (4 cm longer and at least 2 cm wider).
During printing and construction, we get a little shrinkage and movement so we want to make sure your design covers the whole board/ski and there are no blank bits.
You send your design in like this, bigger than it needs to be. Then by the time we finish your board, it has all the parts of the design you want on it.

3. Resolution

We highly recommend you get the image as high a resolution as possible 300dpi (dots per inch) we have had great results with a lesser resolution, but the higher the better.
​If the images are not as big as the overall size you want but have a high resolution e.g. 1200dpi can be stretched 4x bigger so it is then around 300dpi.

4. File format

We have had images sent in many formats and will do our best to work with what you send. Our preferred file format is Ai as we work mainly in CorelDraw and Photoshop. other formats we recommend are PDF's, TIFF's JPG's

5. Image style

There have been many different styles of images sent in but most popular is vector base images, we have had scans of hand drawings, photographs, paintings, images from stock photo websites.

6. Colour

We print in CMYK but what you see on a monitor is in RGB (looks brighter than CMYK) we will always try our best to match the colours of your design, this can not always be guaranteed as devise/programs/monitors, etc can alter colour so what we see might not be exactly the same as what you have at your end. If you have a specific colour you need please send a sample and we will do a test print and send it back to you. What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

7. Time

Custom Skis and Snowboards take 4-5 week to make from the confirmation of your order, but if you need your board done before this and have a specific date we can push boards through faster however there will be a charge for this depending on how much quicker you need it and how busy we are.


If you don't have the facility to create you own design but have an idea of what you want, then we have a design team who are on hand to put together the design that you are looking for.  Have a look at our custom gallery to see what we have done previously or just get in contact and we can tell you more about it.
*£35 extra charge will be added and we may ask for a deposit if we think it is going to be a lot of work

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